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Direct - Indirect Speech | English Grammar Direct and Indirect Sentences | 10 English Grammar - Direct And Indirect with Answers


Direct - Indirect Speech


        Rewrite using Indirect Speech.


Indirect Speech

Key Answers


Balu said, “Asia is the largest continent”.

Balu said that Asia is the largest continent.


Kavi says, “I will never go to work”.

Kavi says that he will never go to work.


“How did he get it? “, he asked

He asked how he had got it.


He said, “I am glad they are strong”

He told that he was glad and they were strong


The boy said, “I have come to ask you for a scholarship”.

The boy said that he had come to ask him for a scholarship.


The headmaster said to the boy, “What can I do for you?”

The headmaster asked the boy what he could do for him.


The teacher said to the students, “Don’t write on bothsides of the paper”.

The teacher advised/ordered the students not to write on both sides of the paper.


The doctor said to the patient, “Do you smoke?”

The doctor asked the patient if he/she smokes.


Drady said to me, “Are you going to the office party?”

Drady asked me if I was going to the office party.


“Let not thine eyesbe blinded, my son, “She said

She blessed her son that his eyes should not be blinded.


Sindhuja asked me, “Where did you spend your holidays last year?”

Sindhuja asked me where I had spent my holidays the year before.


Venitta said to the teacher, “Madam, Please permit me to go to home earlier”.

Venitta requested the teacher to permit her to go to home earlier.


Heartwin said, “I don’t go to movies often and my mother will not allow it”.

Heartwin said that he didn’t go to movies often and his mother would not allow it.


I said, “Sorry! I have forgotten to bring my pen”.

I exclaimed with regret that I had forgotten to bring my pen.


Joe said to his teacher, “I cannot understand this lesson. Will you teach it to me once again?”

Joe told his teacher that he could not understand that lesson and asked if he would teach it to him once again.


Judin said, “Hurrah! Our cricket team won the match”.

Judin exclaimed joyfully that their cricket team had won the match.


The man said to his wife, “Bring me a cup of tea, because I am tired”.

The man requested his wife to bring him a cup of milk, because he was tired.


Gilbert said to Ravindran, “Are you interested in sports?”

Gilbert asked Ravindran if he was interested in sports.


Srivatsav said, “I have been waiting for my friend in the park since 6 a.m”.

Srivatsav said that he had been waiting for his friend in the park since 6 a.m.


The teacher said to Ponraj, “Have you ever visited the Tajmahal?”

The teacher asked Ponraj if he had ever visited the Tajmahal.


Micheal said to Bharathi, “Please lend me a pen”.

Micheal requested Bharathi to lend him a pen.


Mother said to me, “How did you write your exam?”

Mother asked me how I had written my exam.


Maya said, “When is Zigzag coming here?”.

Maya asked when Zig Zag was coming there.


“Alas! I have lost my purse”, Said merlin

Merlin exclaimed with sorrow that she had lost her purse.


Somu said, “It’s his favourite pet”.

Somu said that it was his favourite pet.

Somu said that that was his favourite pet


        Rewrite the sentence in direct speech.


Direct Speech

Key Answers


Rajan told Mathivanan that he was going to a film that day.

Rajan said to Mathivanan, “I am going to a film today”.


The master ordered the servant to clean the doors and windows neatly.

The master said to the servant, “Clean the doors and windows neatly”.


The teacher asked me whether I was going to join the medical course or the engineering course.

The teacher said to me, “Are you going to join the medical course or the engineering course?”


We asked him if he had ever gone to Shridi.

We said to him, “Have you ever gone to Shridi?”


The old man exclaimed with sorrow that he had lost his spectacles.

The oldman said, “Alas! I have lost my spectacles”.


The stranger requested him not to show him the wrong way.

The stranger said to him, “Please, don’t show me the wrong way”.


Rufina said that she had just come back from Chennai.

Rufina said, “I have just come back from Chennai”.


The woman exclaimed with joy that she had found her purse.

The woman said, “Hurrah! I’ve found my purse”.


The brother asked me how he had done that.

The brother said to me, “How did you do this?”


I told Seema that she could get that book the next day.

I said to Seema, “You can get this book tomorrow”.


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